WSMFC Merchandise Delivery process

Hello & thank you for dropping by our Online Shop.

We're constantly trying to tweak our processes to hopefully provide a better shopping experience for our valued supporters.


How our fulfillment process works,

As we rely on the services of volunteers to complete the shipping process, we may only ship once a week, sometimes twice a week, depending on the volume of orders. If you require your item by a specific date (non Pre-Order Items only) please advise in the 'Special Instructions' box when ordering or respond to the email sent by the Club confirming your order has been received.
  • Order notification is received
  • Order invoice packed
  • Order lodged with Australia Post


How our Pre-Order process works,

  • Purchase Orders are taken within a sales window
  • Bulk Order is placed with Manufacturer
  • Manufacturing period (depends on product can be 4 - 8 weeks turnaround but this wil be advised for each product)
  • Product delivered to FC
  • FC start mailing process


Thanks again for visiting our online area & we appreciate your support of the MIghty Magpies.